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Sooner or later, and with a little luck, the genealogist finds a member of a prominent family.

The greatest sensation was to be a descendant of a historical prominent person. This was indeed a very surprising discovery, because the dynasties of historical persons have already been explored a lot, and all persons being involved have been informed.

The second greatest surprise would be to belong to a prominent family, in other words, one would share ancestors with a historical prominent person. But, as already said above, in most cases one would already know.

There is another interesting situation left, if both cases above don't apply: sharing a few relatives with a prominent person. One would not be related to this person, but have a few relatives, who are also relatives of this person.

We made a discovery of this third category, you can see below, whom it is about. We don't pride ourselves on it, but we find it worthwhile, to mention our discovery here.

Portrait George Washington
Historical Prominent Person Washington, George [1732-1799]
A Relative of this Prominent Person Dr. Washington, Samuel Walter [1799-1831]
Married my Relative Clemson, Louisa [1805-1892]
A Relative of this Prominent Person Washington, Richard Scott [1822-1910]
Married my Relative Washington, Christine Maria [1826-1895]