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By visiting our website you agree to the collection, processing and usage of data as decribed.

No registration is required for the use of our web site.

Per page visit, we collect a record containg ip-address, date and time plus the name of the document visited (Server-Logs), but without any relationship to your person.

No personal data is collected.

We do not share or forward any server log data.

We do not use Google Analytics or such, we do not use cookies.

All data is stored on servers in Germany.
Data protection aspects are not very important in conjunction with the vital data presented here.

With some rare exceptions, the vital data published here come from heritage books, that had been published years ago.

The rule applies: "once published, published forever".

Data protection aspects plus the aspect of keeping the web site compact lead to the following classification of person profiles:

CategoryDescriptionWeb Site
A Died more than 2 years ago or were born more than 100 years ago or mentioned in any other life situation morrte than 75 years ago (including Marriage) yes
BStill living or died less than 2 years ago, but mentioned in the heritage books or on an internet
D Still living or died less than 2 years ago, but neither mentioned in the heritage books nor in an internet repository. In most cases directly shared by a fellow researcher. no

Concerning personal data of Category D we reserve the right to share these data with genealogists, who are proven our relatives. We assume, that these researchers are familiar with handling sensitive personal data.

We consider making relatives know each other is one of the central target of family research. With our handling rules we want to support family members to get in contact.

If you do not agree with these handling rules, let us know.
About these Pages
Together with my husband Gerhard Bauch I do family history research for private purposes.

On these pages you find relatives of Ulrike Engel. For data protection reasons, we do not publish vital data of potentially living persons.

The only purpose of this web site is to find more relatives.

For your orientation, there is a region page.

One important research aspect is to find emigrants, for details, see the Emigration page.

There is also a catalog section with detailed vital data for each person.

Regarding my person: I am born on Feb, 3rd 1957 in Kirchheim / Heidelberg, for employment reasons, I moved the Donnersbergkreis, Northern Palatinate, now I'm also retired.

My husband used to work as a Software Developer. He was employed in the IT business and in government authorities for more than 42 years.

Our mother language is german, both we both speak fluently english as well
Persons, who are related to Ulrike Engel have been marked in order to simplify navigation and research.

In some cases there is more than one date for birth, death or marriage for the same person or couple.

This is caused by multiple but contradictory sources for a particular person.

Please consider this web site as a snap shot of our family history research project.
We're still completing data, but sometimes it takes some time, until all results are online.
For data protection reasons, we do not list:
  • Persons, who died less than 2 Yers ago,
  • or, in case the date of death is not known, who were born less than 100 years ago.
Starting from my pedigree we tried to find as many descendants of my earliest known ancestors as possible.

We found plenty of them.

This derives from the fact, that the Heidelberg area has excellent family history sources, in particular, there are several heritage books covering Kirchheim and its surroundings.

The majority of our research results come from these heritage books (Ortsfamilienbuch).

May we kindly ask you, to also share your genealogical data with us, as long as these data refer to our relatives or descendants of these relatives.

Vital data, you share with us will be treated according to the rules lined out under "General Privacy Statement".
List of heritage books, where we copied most vital data from:
  • Eppelheimer Familien von 1650-1900 by Franz Sobkowiak and Lothar Wesch
  • Familienbuch Heddesheim by Rudolf Kreutzer
  • Einwohner und Ortsfremde in Hockenheim (Baden) und dem Insultheimer Hof vor 1901 by Horst Auer, Franz Bitz, Gerhard Heinrich und Werner Helmus
  • Familien in St. Ilgen ab 1694 by Kurt Frei
  • Familienbuch Kirchheim 1650-1900 by Oskar Schmitt and Rudolf Sickmüller
  • Ladenburger Kirchenbücher I - III by Karl Diefenbacher
  • Familien in Leimen 1677-1901 by Kurt Frei
  • Einwohner und Ortsfremde in Dossenheim (Baden) und Schwabenheimer Hof vor 1901 von Werner Helmus.
  • Einwohner und Ortsfremde in Nußloch (Baden) und Maisnach vor 1901 by Margit Oswald and Werner Helmus
  • Familien in Oftersheim 1694-1900 by Kurt Frei
  • Familien in Plankstadt 1650-1910 by Lothar Wesch
  • Sandhausen I und II von Kurt Frei
  • Walldorfer Familienbuch 1650-1900 by Klaus Ronellenfitsch
  • Wieblinger Familien vor 1900 by Franz Sobkowiak
Other sources
  • GEDBAS ( a web site run by the German Computer Genealogy Association
  • heritage books online, run by the German Computer Genealogy Association
  • SEHUM, a Web Site about Swiss Emigrants to Heidelberg
  • private Web Sites in Germany and in the USA
  • some civil registration offices
  • cemeteries in the Heidelberg area
  • the diocesan archive in Speyer
  • archion, the church book portal of the german evangelical church
Data Structures and Methods
We collect vital data about persons I am related to. With "related" I mean "genetically related", Genealogy has to do with genes, hasn't it.

Adoptive children, stepchildren or foster children are listed, but marked as such.

Partners of relatives belong to the group of persons, we are interested in, while the parents or other partners or other children or these partners do not.

For every person we record
  • Names, also Nicknames and Titles
  • Birth dates, dates of death, plus the places
  • Dates of christening and burial plus the places
  • Profession, religion, public offices being held, social status
  • Dates and places of marriages
  • Dates of immigration and emigration, origin or destination
People in our database can be linked to each other in 3 ways:
  • per parent child relationship, see "genetical related" above
  • per partner relationship in particular, when being parents of common children
  • in any other social relationship
    • godparents, best men
    • adoptive children, stepchildren, foster children
    • children with presumed parentage
    • any other social relationship between two persons, midwives, teachers
In our collection we only use two genders "male" and "female".

There are heterogeneous partnerships only, same-sex partnerships are indeed recorded but in the same way as godparents or adoptive children.

This is no chauvinism, with these simplyfied rules, the structure of our database became less complex.

Some vital data are recorded with multiple instances, we did so, when we found different sources for one and the same event.

The same applies when a person has multiple names.

We don't deal with degrees of relationship because of the problems that come with marriages between relatives, some earliest known ancestors appear multiple times in my pedigree producing a confusing number of ancestor ids plus a set of different degrees of relationship.

A child in our data collection has one father and one mother at maximum. This simplyfies our data model. In case, different sources mention different parents, we handle these parents as social relatives, but not as genetic parents.
Many people of my distant relatives emigrated, most of them to Northern America.

We are quite interested in learning more about these individuals.

Did they reach a European harbour at all ?

What ship did they check in ?

Did they survive the journey ?

Where did they go after arriving (e.G. Ellis Island) ?

Did they establish a family and did they produce more offspring ?

Do you belong to the descendancy of one of the persons mentioned on the emigration page ?

Would you like to share your family history knowledge with us ?
We think, that we can close an informational gap, at least for our relatives (here in Europe and in the USA and Canada):

For emigrated persons, family entries in German heritage books (Ortsfamilienbücher) mostly end with the hint: "emigrated to America in the year xxxx".

Now we try to track those emigrants, we try to find them mentioned in US repositories, such as "find a grave". We think, we are quite successful.
Kinship Calculator
Since we are looking for relatives with the help of this web site, it made sense to integrate a very powerful kinship calculator, that displays how you and Ulrike Engel are related to each other.

We recommend to perform the following steps:

  • On page "hierarchical Name Index" select the surname of one of your ancestors who died more than 100 years ago. (You yourself are not listed on our public online database).
  • Navigate through the index pages (sorted by surname and first name), until you reach the desired person profile.
  • Did you really find one of your ancestors ?, now we can assume that you are either related to Ulrike Engel or the person you found is a spouse of one of our relatives.
  • For relatives, you will find a clickable line named "related". If this is present, you are related to Ulrike Engel. Congratulation.
  • Now click on "related" and the kinship calculator compiles all common ancestors, the degrees of relationship, plus a list of the ancestors in between.
Now repeat these steps for all persons, you have the feeling, they could "match".
Now that we have discovered a potential relationship between you and Ulrike Engel we would like to ask you to share this news with us.

Please contact us, and submit at least these data:
  • Your name
  • The Ident Number of the person, where you clicked on "related" and who is your ancestor,
  • the ancestors in between, if possible also with birth and death dates,
  • Vital data you consider questionable or even wrong.
You have our promise, that we do not publish confidential data (say vital data of persons died less than 2 years ago or been born less than 100 years ago), except, these data have already been published somewhere else, for example in an internet online repository.

But we assume, that we are allowed to share the data you submitted with people who are proven relatives of Ulrike Engel. We are talking about less than 100 persons worldwide.

Last but not least: We don't want to sell you something. Our "enterprise" works on the principle "just for fun".
Legal Aspects
We cannot guarantee that any data on this web site is complete and correct.

The data presented here is partially the result of our own research, plus we have integrated data from other sources. (see above)

We reserve the right to update and restructure the web site from time to time.

The access to this web site is free of charge.

You are allowed to use data from this web site for your own private family history research.

Any commercial use of any parts of this web site is strictly prohibited.
Technical Aspects
All html pages of this site are UTF-8 encoded.

The page layout has been optimized for full HD resolution (1920 * 1080).

In case you encounter a representation problem, please let us know, (screenshot welcome).
For the time being, we do without https Support.

There is no confidential data on the entire Web Site, in particular no data related to visitors.

Furthermore, https is not for free. The amount we save, (some hundred Euros a year) has been invested in books and hardware.
Economical Aspects
You can use this Web Site without any charge.

We do not beg for donations, the running expenses for our technical infrastructure are bearable.

We do not show any third party advertising.

In case an external link looks like advertising, this is not intended.